Thursday, March 6, 2014

10 Ways to Turn Your Competitors' Customers into YOUR Customers

You know you've thought about it. So here it is:

10 creative ways to help turn your competitors' customers into your own: 

1. Be Visual 
Offer a comparison chart that focuses on reasons why customers should choose your product over the competition.

For example: You may offer a standard five-year warranty, while your competitors may only offer a three-year warranty. Or perhaps they offer an extended five-year warranty option, but at an additional price. Or maybe they just charge too much for their product.

Take a look at how we've done this with one of our products here.

2. Upgrade Ideas 
Stay informed of what your competitors are doing, but avoid copying their ideas. Instead, add your own value and make the idea even better.

For example: If a competitor offers free shipping on purchases of $100+, you could provide free shipping on all purchases and possibly even returns.

3. Keep it Catchy 
Create a unique tagline or slogan that focuses on your key selling points, such as: "Hassle-Free Returns" or "Receive your lunch order within 30 minutes or it's free."

4.  Stand Out
Add value to a comparable product through added services, such as longer support hours, free training, and live phone operators (no automated phone services).

5. Get Feedback 
Feedback from your clients and leads could make or break your business. Create a customer survey. Ask your audience how you can improve, what new offerings they wish you provided, what they like best about your company, and what areas they may find lacking. Their answers could easily point to ideas that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

6. Prep the Bait. Offer the Freebie. 
Provide a risk-free trial to test your products or services before committing to a change. Content marketing is also a great way to spark the interest of potential customers.

7. Build Trust
Compare your guarantee to that of your competition. If your competitors don't offer a guarantee, this is an extra reason to promote your guarantee heavily. Customers need to know that they can trust you and form quality relationships with you.

8. Get Creative 
Compete with low-price competitors in creative ways. Offer exclusive discounts when items are purchased together as a package, or offer free or discounted add-on bonuses.

9. Be Suave 
Yes, that's right. Romance your competitors' customers. Show them the affection they may be missing from their current vendor, and let them know you're willing to go the extra mile to win their business.

10. Don't Give Up
Even if prospects are happy with their current provider, be sure to continue your marketing efforts. We're not telling you to be downright annoying... But it is key to create front-of-mind awareness so you're at the top of their list if they ever change their mind.

I'm hoping these tips will help you generate some new business. Or maybe you're worried you'll lose some business to your competition if you don't put some of these things into practice.... Either way, if you have questions for me about how to work these top ten things into your marketing plan, just let me know.

Happy Friday Eve!

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