Thursday, November 15, 2007

Holiday Cards: Right About Now

In the name of a less stressful Holiday season, let's do some quick math: you want your Personalized Holiday Cards to arrive during the week and a half before Christmas. This means you want to have your Holiday Cards in the mail between December 5th and December 10th. It takes about a week to custom print and deliver cards to you, so to make sure your happy holiday message decks halls, you should place your holiday card order . . . right about now.

At, you have the complete holiday card catalogs of two top studios, Carlson Craft and Birchcraft, organized neatly online. You will find your holiday cards by style (from humor to patriotic to elegant to party invitations), and typeset the cards (and envelopes!) easily online. You'll find it's never been simpler ringing out your warm holiday message to your associates and loved ones.

This holiday season, we're donating 10% of holiday card profits to a charity of your choice. In addition to this donation, we're discounting 20% off all custom holiday cards printing.

The clock's running down on other holiday products, too-- including Promotional Calendars for advertising and Imprinted Business Holiday Gifts.

Don't look now, but Thanksgiving is a week away. We at Plum Grove Printers and Peter the Printer wish you and your families a very happy holiday!

Peter "the Printer" Lineal

Monday, November 12, 2007

2008 Marketing Starts Today

Its January 2nd, 2008. Across America your best sales prospects are waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee, and glancing to the calendar-- a new calendar for the new year. If that calendar is imprinted with your company logo and contact information you will stick around throughout 2008-- maintaining Top-of-Mind Awareness. Consider the results from a recent Promotional Products Association survey:

  • 55% of people questioned said they keep their promotional products for more than 1 year.

  • 76.1% of respondents could recall the advertiser’s name on the promotional product that they had received within the past 12 months.

  • 75.4% of respondents said they kept their promotional products because they were useful.

Promotional Calendars make an elegant, useful business gift, and an excellent advertising tool. At you custom imprint a variety of calendars, easily, affordably, and entirely online.

Photo Wall Calendars

Full color Photo Calendars with imprinted bottom contact strip.
From $1.05/piece

Desk Calendars

Compact, tasteful, full color desk calendars make a stellar business gift.
From $.87/piece

Pop Up Calendars

Unique 3-D calendars stick out of the crowd. A sure-fire addition to your client's desk.
From $.53/piece

Jumbo Wall Calendars

You see them on office walls all over-- huge commercial calendars in a variety of styles.
From $1.78/piece

Magnetic Calendars

They stick around-- to refrigerators, desks, and filing cabinets. With tear-away contact card to personalize for your area.
From $.59/piece

Every Calendar Page can be Custom Imprinted with your Logo, Photo, & Contact Info.

Get your Imprinted Calendars to your clients and leads before the New Year and reap the profits throughout 2008!

Peter "the Printer" Lineal

Other Holiday Season Products . . .

Personalized Holiday Cards Printing

Business Holiday Gifts

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why Direct Mail Postcards?

Postcards Hit With Impact.

Direct mail postcards catch the consumer's eye quickly with professional design, conveying relevant information and your unique sale proposition. With only a second to grab a customer's attention, the size, simplicity, and color of business postcards have an immediate effect; there is no envelope screening your message from your potential clients. The continual exposure of a postcard marketing campaign will have an outsized effect in building brand recognition, increase familiarity with your services, and increase your sales.

Postcard direct mail marketing campaigns can be Affordable.

We go out of our way to provide the lowest prices possible on full-color, custom postcards that professionally convey your message. The low postage rates on the cards, coupled with our using every applicable postal discount, means you can mail to a client every month for a year for much less than $10!

Custom Postcards are easy at Peter's Direct Mail Postcards.

Our online software walks you through the process of creating the piece exactly to your specifications: choosing the size, uploading your art, navigating your mailing options. We can help you create a targeted mailing list, too, tailored precisely to your needs.

Monday, November 5, 2007

How to Target your Best Sales Prospects

Imagine you are in a room of 100 strangers plucked at random from the entire U.S. population, and you are trying to start up a conversation about, say, baseball. How many of these folks, plucked from all walks of life, do you think would want or be able to engage in this conversation with you?

Now imagine another room of 100 strangers, placed together randomly except for their being sports fans. How many people in this room do you think you'd be able to engage in conversation about baseball? Maybe 30 people in the room only like basketball or hockey, and another 40 people have only a passing interest in baseball. This still leaves 30 people who like to talk about baseball, and might be happy to speak with you about it, for no other reason than their interest in the topic.

When you are applying your energy and resources in taking your marketing message from person to person, you want to be communicating with the audience most receptive to what you have to say. There's a world of sales prospects out there for whom your product or service represents a solution to a problem, a delightful luxury, or a very useful tool. If you can stack the room with 100 of these leads, you'll be overwhelmed with new clients.

Direct mail marketing cannot deliver you only the addresses of those people ready and eager to buy your special Widget X, but, like the room of sports fans, it can give the addresses of people who have bought other types of Widgets, the addresses of people with the means to buy Widget X, the people whose lifestyle would be made much easier by Widget X. Probably a good number of these prospects would be interested in Widget X.