Tuesday, March 11, 2014

All Brochures are NOT Created Equal

When it comes to marketing your business, professionally printed brochures are a great way to build credibility, while also telling your story.

Do you really need a sales collateral brochure? Yes! Here's a few reasons why:

  • A brochure helps your salespeople to tell your story and the headlines are almost like headings on a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Once you leave the sales call, the person you met with frequently will confer with others and they will present your story for you. Your brochure will help them to sell others on selecting your firm.

  • Isn't it good enough to have a website? You need a solid website, yes, but it is difficult to share a website in an in-office meeting. And a brochure builds your firm image, brand and impression of quality and size.

    Here are a few tips to help you create successful, sales-building brochures:
    • Tell a story, see if your can get your brochure to create an emotional connection, as well as give the facts and figures, features and benefits. Include a note or letter from the President with an emotional connection point.

    • Focus on your audience and their needs. List benefits your customers will receive by choosing you and your products.

    • Design an appealing cover that motivates readers to look inside. Include product benefits, a thought-provoking statement, industry tips, and other items your customers will find valuable.

    • Provide clear headlines that make it easy to find information, along with high-quality imagery that supplements your messaging.

    • Consider a creatively shaped or unusually sized brochure to grab attention.

    • Include information that encourages the ready to keep your brochure. This may include how-to information, tips and tricks, sales calendars and more.

    • Consider providing a Q&A section to answer questions you think your readers may have when learning about your products or services.

    • There many learning types among your buyers. There are English majors, Math majors, Artists and Engineers -- give them all what they want: words, numbers, pictures, charts and more. (Just because you are the English Major it does not mean that your buying prospect is going to be a person who learns by reading.)

    • If your brochure is lengthy (8 pages or more), consider creating a table of contents to pique reader interest and make information easier to find.

    • Include a call to action, so readers know how to respond. An 800 number, reply card, website landing page, or email address are all good examples to try.

    If you need help creating an effective brochure, give us a call today. We have many samples and creative design ideas your customers will be sure to love.
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