Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sell with sincerity, become a friend

I hate them -- the sales classes that teach salespeople the techniques of friendship and caring without ever telling salespeople that it is a whole lot better and easier to really, sincerely care.

Friends take care of friends. Become a friend -- sincerely.

In a sea filled with competitive businesses, sincerity is a must if you want to get (and keep) customers.
Here are a few tips to help you sell with sincerity:
  • Sincerity is more than just a smile or a firm handshake. It can be heard in your voice, your words, and your actions.

  • Don't read from a script. No one wants to listen to a sales pitch that sounds like a recording. Mix in your personality, passion, and even personal experiences with the product.

  • Ask questions and listen with interest -- be a friend. Show that you really care about what the person is saying (in contrast to simply listening because it is the polite thing to do or because you want to answer objections).

  • Be yourself. Remember that people buy from other people. If they like working with you, they are more likely to remember you and return again.

  • Back off the business mode when using social media sites. Rather, use them for their intended purpose: to be social and build relationships.

  • Remember that sincerity has to last. It doesn't end after the sale. If customers have a problem with a product or service, sincerity is a must to resolve their issue.
George Henry Lewes once said, 
"Insincerity is always weakness; sincerity even in error is strength." 

Sincerity in sales can not only help you build a stronger friendship with your customers, but will also help your business receive honest feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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