Thursday, March 24, 2016

Make Your Marketing Content Flexible

Too many marketers look at the content they're creating as "one and done." You spend all this time and money creating the right print mailer, send it to your targeted list, and then put it in your sample folder, right? Wrong.

The content of that mailer is still
relevant; it hasn't been diminished because you sent it out into the world once. Don't write off good content so quickly, especially when you can use a few simple techniques to increase your return on that investment (ROI) of time, money, and creativity. Heed these tips to get maximum mileage out of your marketing content.

Repurpose Whatever You Can

Creating a piece of high-quality, original content from scratch is expensive and time-consuming, but it's worth it. You don't need to make every last piece of information wholly original from the top down. Sometimes repurposing a piece of good content is a great way to stretch that content, and it can also help fill gaps in your editorial strategy, among other things.

For example, say you hosted a webinar that went off without a hitch. Those ideas and audience questions don't have to die the minute the last viewer logs off. Here are four ways to stretch the content:

1. Take the notes from the webinar and turn them into a slide-show for your website.
2. Video stream/record the webinar and post it to your YouTube page; send out links to it.
3. Use the slides as the basis for a direct-mail flyer for a mailer or a leave-behind piece. 
4. Turn the notes into a white paper that can be downloaded from your website.

You get the benefit of building upon something instead of creating from scratch, plus you increase the ROI of that original content at the same time.

Redistribution: Using Changes to Your Advantage

When using existing content, consider how things may have changed since that original piece went out into the world. Maybe you designed a post for Facebook that was hugely successful but now you learn a new target audience is big on Twitter. A few key adjustments could make the Facebook piece ready for a brand new audience.

The same can be said of taking something from the print world and bringing it into the digital realm, and vice versa. Take that informative print flyer you sent out a few weeks ago and use it as the framework for a blog post. You get the benefit of increasing the longevity (and the ROI) of that original content, and you get it in front of a whole new crop of people at the same time.

While many people think of content marketing as "disposable," it does not have to be that way. A good piece of content is a good piece of content - period. By carefully practicing techniques like redistribution and repurposing, you can stretch the value of that content and improve your marketing ROI.

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