Saturday, April 13, 2013

What's Your Call to Action?

Every marketing piece should have a call to action that helps direct the reader to the next step. Whether you want them to click a link, download a file, or contact your business, here are a few tips to ensure your call to action gets noticed and utilized:
  • Keep it short and simple using action verbs, such as call, buy, register, donate, or subscribe.

  • Make the action step obvious. Reply envelopes with order forms may never get used but they make it obvious to the recipient that you want them to place an order -- and response rates via email, website, fax and call all go up.

  • Be specific about what you want readers to do. For example, if you want customers to contact you to set up an appointment, don't just say "contact us."

  • Make it easy for readers by using a direct shortcut link to your sign-up page or order form, versus sending them on a wild goose chase through your website.

  • Create urgency with a deadline such as "offer expires May 31" or "order now and get a free gift!"

  • Include a benefit for contacting you. Instead of saying "Download our whitepaper," say "Expand your customer base with these 10 tips."

  • Popularity sells. If your information is high demand, consider including the number of times a document has been downloaded.

  • Build trust by including customer logos or relevant testimonials near your call to action.

  • Provide your call to action multiple times throughout your website or marketing materials.

  • Size and location matter. Make sure your call to action is easily visible and prominently located so readers don't miss it.
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