Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Help Your Sales Increase with Flyers

Flyers are a very flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way to spread the word about your company, promote or introduce your products, announce special price promotions and events, or simply educate your audience. They can be in color or black and white -- the message gets read. Here are a few ways to increase sales by maximizing the use of marketing flyers:
  • Add a flyer to every mailing that leaves your office. Include them with bills, information requests, and marketing campaigns.

  • Fold your flyer, affix a label or seal, and send it as a self-mailer to your marketing database.

  • Hand flyers out at trade shows, promotional events, and other industry-related affairs, not only at your booth, but also while walking around and visiting.

  • Post a flyer on community bulletin boards, such as those found at laundromats, gyms, apartment complexes, senior centers, public libraries, local schools or college campuses, grocery stores, and the like.

  • Check with local newspapers or magazines to learn their policy and costs for including flyers as a marketing insert.

  • Ask other local businesses such as cafes, auto body shops, salons, clinics, and bookstores if you can leave some flyers in their waiting/reading area.

  • Consider hiring high school students to pass them out door to door or to local businesses.
If you'd like help creating eye-catching flyers that get noticed and produce results, drop us a line.

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