Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boost Your Advertising With Postcards

You probably get at least a few postcards in your mail every day. Have you noticed that you always look at the address side first and if the message is of interest, you will flip them over, too? Postcards put the message in your hands with the immediacy of the mail -- and no envelope to get in the way of the call-to-action offer.

Postcards are experiencing a revival as business owners and marketers are rediscovering the powerful impact postcards can deliver. What's so great about postcards? Postcards have several advantages over many other marketing channels.
  • Postcards are less expensive to print.

  • They don't require envelopes or other inserts.

  • Postcards provide an instant visual connection with the recipient.

  • The limited space for copy and graphics forces you to get to the point quickly.

  • Recipients don't set them aside to read later, leading to instant reaction.

  • Postcards are great for personalization (with variable data printing - VDP).

  • Postcards work very well in driving website traffic.

  • Postcards are fantastic to use in a series sent over time to educate, engage, and drive sales.

  • Graphics and copy are easier to create.

  • Postcards work well for both short-run and larger-volume orders.

  • Postcards make great appointment reminders, thank you notes, and follow-up cards.
Of course, postcards do have some limitations. They're obviously not great for any type of promotion or campaign that needs lots of space for copy due to the size limitation. It's also not easy to generate direct sales with a postcard campaign. However, postcards are fantastic for creating awareness and generating sales leads. In fact, it's hard to beat postcards for economical lead generation campaigns.

Postcard Creativity
Postcards can be created in traditional sizes, as well larger sizes. Postage doesn't change with size so if you sell a visually attractive product then print on a bigger card. That big "billboard" style card -- 6 inches by 11 inches -- that is about the largest size you can mail and still pay the same for addressing and postage.

Using Postcards
Direct mail is only one way to use this powerful advertising tool. All you need is your targeted mailing list. You can also include postcards as part of a media or brand identity kit; as a promotional handout at trade shows and networking events; and as part of a sales letter insert.

Marketing Takeaway
The humble postcard is a powerful counter-measure to digital marketing. As more people are turned off by spam emails and other digital waste, they're paying more attention to postcards. Postcards have a higher read-rate than many other advertising media because they are easier to digest quickly.

Postcards may have a place in your direct mail campaigns. If you use eye-catching, powerful design in addition to strong, to-the-point copy, combined with a call to action, there's a great chance your target audience will respond the way you'd like when you use postcard marketing.

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