Monday, May 7, 2012

Foldover Business Cards -- for a better sales meeting

Everyone knows that business cards are an essential marketing tool for exchanging contact information, so why not double your marketing impact with a foldover business card?

You say your name, you recite the best elevator speech -- and the person doesn't remember you when they get back to the office because they are a visual learner and not an auditory learner. The foldover card allows you to reinforce your verbal presentation with a mini-brochure with your branding, your tag line, and interesting information that will move you to top of mind.

Folded business cards not only provide your standard contact information, but can also provide your audience with something useful to them, such as an events schedule, appointment card, coupon, map, menu, frequent customer discount, punch card, or response card.

The extra space can also be used as a mini-billboard, provide a list of your products or services, highlight helpful tips or industry resources, and much more.

Creative options are endless, including designs, paper and ink choices, diecut shapes, finishing touches, and even the placement of the fold. Folds can made along the top edge, short side, or even offset, where part of the card is shorter, revealing information on the panel below.

Check out your options for folded business cards next time you want to make a lasting impression and ensure your prospects and customers keep your business card on hand.

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