Monday, August 13, 2007

Envelopes Made from Corn

Every day across America, tens of millions of window envelopes are manufactured and printed. As of this July, businesses at last have the choice to use window envelopes made from environmentally-friendly materials: Blue Corn Window Envelopes. Moving away from corrosive, non-biodegradable plastics, the windows are made from a corn-based resin and have a slight blue tinge. The paper in the envelopes, while not recycled, is FSC certified paper fiber (a recycled fiber envelope would fall apart in the mail!). Blue Corn Window Envelopes cost the same as normal window envelopes.

Our Green-Friendly Policy Making Waves

The commercial availability of Blue Corn Window Envelopes is a proud victory for the Green Friendly program launched by Plum Grove Printers. It has been possible to produce these envelopes for a while, but they had never been made or ordered until weeks ago. A cycle of "I won't make them until somebody orders.

Clean Air Counts Environmental Award

Plum Grove President Kim Evans and Peter Lineal (me!) receive Clean Air Counts certification, which recognizes Plum Grove Printers as a committed partner in reducing Chicagoland air pollution by 5 tons of emissions per day.

I won't order until somebody makes them" kept the envelope out of use until Cindy, our representative at our envelope wholesaler, Lewis Paper, inspired by our policy, invested in 100,000 #10 Green Friendly window envelopes. These are our envelopes of choice and can be yours, too!

Make Environmental Friendliness your Business Priority

Our Green-Friendly program means both being a Clean Printer and showing by example how low-cost changes in business practice can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. Curbing the environmental impact of your envelopes is one small way to be a more responsible business while signaling commitment to shared, important values to your clients and business partners.

Your Proud Printer,

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