Monday, June 11, 2007

Top of Mind Awareness with Top of Desk Promotions

Imagine: you run an ad in the newspaper for your business. Your client
reads the paper, pulls the ad, and leaves it lying out in their house.
Every few days or weeks they return to it, re-read it, and admire it.

Seem unlikely?

Yet this happens with promotional messages everyday in the form of
hotel stationery, magnets from the local pizza place, mouse pads from
trade shows, charity t-shirts, logo mugs, and more. These are custom
printed Ad Specialty products.

Ad Specialties make elegant, useful corporate gifts, offering thanks
to your clients. As Promotional Products the gift gives back -- Ad
Specialties build Top of Mind Awareness, keeping you around when
clients need your services, even years after contact.

We have a mall of 350,000 custom printed promotional items at --- a catalog easily navigated by product
type, style, and price range. You can put your company logo on pens,
shirts, hats, magnets, tote bags, golf balls, air fresheners,
holograms, frisbees and much more online.

Wondering what your business logo would look like on a particular
baseball cap or USB flash drive? Our Ad Specialties store has software
that shows your logo immediately on every product we offer. It's an
instant proof that makes promotional product shopping a lot of fun.

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